Dog saves family from house fire in SE

Papa, the hero dog.

A family's 2-year-old Yorkie saved them when a fire broke out in their house in Southeast Tuesday.

About 9 a.m., an electrical fire broke out in a two-story home in the 5700 block of C Street Southeast, officials said.

The fire began in a second-floor bathroom.

The family was asleep when the fire started, but their dog, Papa, started barking and awoke them. All five members of the family were able to get to safety, officials said.

Papa was a Christmas gift last year, the family said.

The house was equipped with smoke detectors, but the fire had not yet gotten bad enough to set them off.

About 60 emergency personnel responded and knocked the fire out in less than 20 minutes.

A fire fighter suffered minor injuries.

Anyone who would like to help the family displaced by the fire can reach Sandra at