DNC 2012: Virginia's big role at the DNC

There is absolutely nothing common about the Commonwealth's role at this convention. Virginia has a prime spot on the floor, and is on the tip of just about everyone's tongues.

124 riled up delegates, congressman, governors past and present from both sides are all trying to sway the unmoved, who could make the difference in the Old Dominion.

“Sometimes I wake up frankly pinching myself thinking I'm actually saying, Virginia is in play again,” says Rep. Gerry Connolly.

Ed Meagher, a Vietnam veteran from Great Falls, is one of several Virginians carefully chosen to be under the lights Thursday night.

"Normal people, some of them from northern Virginia, around the country, just trying to do the right thing on a day to day basis and we just feel much more comfortable with what president Obama has done," Meagher says.

And if Michelle Obama didn't move the needle, or Bill Clinton came up short, the president will have to be the difference maker Thursday night with Virginians.

"I've said consistently, it's about six swing states, but within that there's Virginia and Ohio,” says Terry McAuliffe, for DNC chairman and former Virginia gubernatorial candidate. “You win Virginia and Ohio that's 271 electoral votes."

Virginia’s GOP Governor Bob McDonnell says he knows that Virginians want results.

"Virginians, I know this from wining in 09, they want results,” he says. “They want things that work - not just rhetoric, not just good speeches. They wanna know what's going to make life better for me and my family.”