DMV has yet to apologize for delayed refund

(WJLA) - 7 On Your Side was prevented from entering the DMV as we attempted to get answers about a six-month overdue refund for a voided parking ticket.

A DMV spokesperson now says the guards were supposed to allow us inside too – but that’s not what they told us.

Responding to the incident, the Mayor’s spokesman now says it was “a miscommunication with security, you should have been allowed in the building. It's something that I will personally bring up with all agencies..."

Back in July, Christen Eliason asked 7 On Your Side for help after she tried unsuccessfully to challenge a ticket for an expired meter. She had the evidence that she paid with her Park Mobile app, but in trying to follow the directions in a DMV letter – which a number of people have told us is confusing – Eliason paid the ticket, plus a $10 appeal fee.

But D.C. Councilmember Cheh urged: "Once you pay the ticket, the hearing examiner adjudication is over; it's as if you said you were guilty so please don't do that."

While the DMV continues to research what caused the six-month delay, Eliason has finally received her long-awaited $35 check. But the DMV has yet to offer an apology for the delayed refund.