Relisha Rudd Search: Authorities search Days Inn where Tatum believed to have stayed

WASHINGTON (WJLA/AP) - D.C. police stormed the Gateway Days Inn on New York Avenue Friday night, a search warrant in hand for room 245.

The hotel's clerk told ABC7 off-camera that he checked 51-year-old Kahlil Tatum into room 245 on March 1, along with his Chevy SUV.

Tatum is now wanted for the murder of his wife, and for the March 1 disappearance of 8-year-old Relisha Rudd.

Recently, ABC7 uncovered an Instagram video of Relisha, from an account in her's mother name, Shamika Young.

The video is time-stamped March 1 - which is important, because Relisha's mother originally reported seeing her last three days earlier, before the 1st of March.

We now know that Tatum was at the Days Inn on March 1 - a place where, guests say, you can easily hide in plain sight.

"Felons stay here," one guest told ABC7, as well as many who have lost their homes. For that reason, guests say Tatum stood out when he checked in on March 1 wearing a shirt and tie, and paying with a Mastercard.

However, another Days Inn guest who did not want to go on-camera told ABC7 he did see Relisha Rudd - not there at the hotel, but at the Virginia Williams Homeless Center on Rhode Island Avenue NE, around the 1st or 2nd of this month.

The guest said the homeless center is also where he bumped into Kahlil Tatum. Interestingly, the center is just across the street from the Home Depot store where Tatum reportedly purchased large, industrial-sized garbage bags.

At the same time, divers are returning to the waters of Kenilworth park and aquatic gardens in D.C., continuing the search for Relisha.

Police spokesman Hugh Carew said the search resumed Saturday in the park, as well as in the Anacostia River and some of the seven small bodies of water in the park. A foot search will resume Monday.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier said Friday that the search of the 700-acre park is "very technical" and includes divers going into small bodies of water.