District woman assaulted while walking dogs

Lucas and Lora Moinkoff delayed their weekend beach trip after their friend was assaulted and their dog went missing in a Northeast Washington neighborhood.

Beth Kemler was dog sitting Murray for the Moinkoff’s.

Like most mornings, Kemler decided to walk Murray along with her own two dogs, Spike and Roxie.

But things quickly got weird when a jogger, who was friendly at first, then started claiming Murray bit him in his testicles.

Kemler said that’s not like Murray, but the man insisted and she said, “he grabbed Murray's leash and…caused Murray's collar to come off. The man started chasing him up the street. I started chasing him."

She went back home to drop off her own dogs and then caught up with the man.

“He ended up assaulting me while screaming at me about the dog, dragging me around in the street by the arm,” Kemler said. “He bruised my arm.”

It got worse. Kemler claims the man grabbed her breasts and other private areas and demanded she give him her phone number.

"Once I started yelling 'help, somebody help me, please help me.' Then he finally gave up and left," she said.

She hopes police cameras on the corner of L and 6th Streets in Northeast may have caught the assault, but Kemler is mostly worried about the dog.

"I'm fine. I'll be fine,” she said. “All I care about is that we get lots of people looking for Murray so we can find him."

Tweets have been posted. A Facebook page was made and friends who volunteer at Homeward Trails Animal Rescue helped post missing flyers on streets lights around the neighborhood.

Lucas Moinkoff got a call Friday afternoon. Someone thought they had spotted Murray.

“He's part of the family. We love him,” said Lucas Moinkoff, who came back telling the rest of the group it was a false alarm.

As he showed Murray’s leash, he said, “My son loves him. They're like two little brothers. They play together. It's going to be hard."

Just this morning Lucas Moinkoff said two-year old Jakob asked him about Murray.

He couldn’t tell him the truth.

"[Murray] could be anywhere. I mean I hope we find him but at this point I'm not sure I have my hopes up,” he said.