Distance pricing sought for Dulles Greenway tolls

ASHBURN, Va. (AP) - The hot debate in northern Virginia these days is how much fees on the Dulles Toll Road will increase to pay for construction of Metrorail to Dulles Airport.

Bur Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., is also concerned about the tolls on the adjacent Dulles greenway.

Wolf has written a letter to state officials expressing frustration that the Greenway refuses to implement distance pricing on the 14-mile highway through Loudoun County.

During rush hour, westbound commuters pay $4.50 when they enter from the Greenway's main toll plaza, even if they only drive a short segment of the road. Similarly, eastbound drivers who exit at the toll plaza pay $4.50 no matter where they got on the highway.

The Greenway's owners say the highway is not set up for distance pricing.