Dog blamed for Spotsylvania man's death

David Haigler (photo: Courtesy Facebook)

A suspicious death investigation in Spotsylvania ended with a startling discovery: The dog did it.

Authorities were investigating the death of 38-year-old David Quyon Haigler, who was found dead on June 11 in his home.

The Virginia medical examiner says the pit bull who was roaming free in the house “was responsible for the death,” according to the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s office.

Court documents state that "there was a baseball bat lying on the sofa near the body". There is no indication yet if Haigler used the bat in his attempt to fend of an attacking pitbull, the family dog. Spotsylvania authorities say Haigler died from massive biting wounds.

“He never gave me no indication there was a problem with the dogs or nothing like that,” said Dante Moore, a friend of the victim.

Investigators said there was never a call to the home concerning a problem with the pit bulls. They will look into how the dog was treated in the weeks and days leading up to the attack.

There were clear paw marks on the body and defensive wounds on the victim’s fingers and hands.

The dog, a 70 pound male pit bull, will eventually be euthanized. The dog was captured by animal control officers.

Another dog found at the house will also be euthanized.

Haigler was found dead by his 18-year-old son.

The son tells authorities he saw his father wearing his underwear and socks on the floor bleeding.

“I'd be terrified if my dog just one day just snapped on my and tried to bite my head off,” said Spotsylvania resident Jeffrey Henderson.