Despite beating, Md. man, 80, doesn’t regret helping woman escape enraged ex-boyfriend

Bob McAmish talks with Brad Bell. (ABC7)

Bob McAmish feels he was lucky to survive what happened to him last September. He tried to help a domestic violence victim but was attacked by her enraged ex-boyfriend.

“I don’t even remember being hit,” he says. “But I was clearly hit multiple times. I had a badly mangled left ear, my left jaw was broken under my ear, my chin was broken.”

It all started as McAmish was driving just a block from his home in Bowie. A woman came running down a driveway screaming that her boyfriend, Robert Mallette, was trying to kill her. McAmish let her in and they tore off.

But as they sped down the street, they realized Mallette was following them.

“He passed us, cut us off, forced us over to the curb, got out of his car, came running to my car.”

That happened three times until that enraged boyfriend managed to corner McAmish. The woman jumped out and ran but Mallette knocked the 80-year-old Good Samaritan unconscious.

Thursday, already found guilty of assault, Mallette was sentenced to seven years behind bars.

McAmish, who received an apology from his attacker in court, says he doesn’t know if he saved the woman’s life but he doesn’t regret helping her.

“I’m glad I helped her,” McAmish says. “I’m sorry I was injured. You do what you do based on the circumstances at the time.”

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