Deputy sheriff saves 4-year-old girl

Deputy Casey Johnson saved a little girl.

The Loudoun County Deputy who rescued a four year old dangling from a three story balcony says he was grateful to get to the girl before she fell 30 feet.

Deputy Casey Johnson says he responded to the 9-11 call for help after a 5-year-old boy had fallen from the balcony. The incident was at Corkwood Drive and Ridgehaven Terrace Tuesday night at about 8:30 p.m.

The little girl told him she had tried to help her cousin before he fell. The boy suffered head injuries but is expected to recover.

Johnson said as he bounded up three flights of stairs to get to the apartment where the girl was, he pounded at the door.

Finally, a woman identified as the girl's mother answered.

She had apparently been sleeping and the deputy rushed in to save the girl.

"She grabbed right onto my neck obviously being suspended in the air. I was lifting her up," he says. "She grabbed right on to my neck and started asking about her cousin right away, is he okay?"

Authorities took the 5-year-old to Lansdowne Campus of INOVA Loudoun Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Child protective services was contacted to look into the incident.

The children were apparently playing on the balcony before the incident. The 5-year-old fell over the railing and the 4-year-old was trying to help her cousin.

Johnson joined the force in 2008.