Demand for local, organic turkeys exceeds supply in Maryland

For those procrastinators who were still hoping to snap up a local, organic turkey for Thanksgiving, well you may have missed your chance.

The growing trend to go organic and support local agriculture had local farmers maxed out on orders months ago.

Myron Horst says all 150 of his free-range, organic-fed turkeys in Dickerson, Md. have had "sold" signs on their heads for the last two months, as more people get on the bandwagon of buying organic, and buying local.

"People want to know where their food is coming from," Horst says. "There's a growing distrust of the big corporations and how they're raising our food and producing our food."

Horst says this is the second year demand has exceeded supply.

And it's the same at turkey farms across Southern Maryland.

Lisa Wiederock is one of those who'll have these sought-after turkeys on her table, thanks to an early order by her sister.

Like Lisa, others say the growing movement to look local when it comes to their food is like the movement of going green.

"I think that the health messaging behind organic versus mass manufactured poultry is getting out and I find that encouraging," says Sarah Byrnes of Gaithersburg.

Horst says that whatever the reason, he's thankful for the trend that'll have 150 families thanking him this holiday season.