Delta Sigma Theta Sorority celebrates 100th anniversary in D.C.

Photo: Jennifer Donelan/WJLA

A sea of red and white will blanket D.C. this weekend for the 100th anniversary of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

And thousands of women from across the country are converging on the nation's capital for the big event, in celebration of 100 years of sisterhood, service, and scholarship.

The sorority was founded on January 13, 1913 by 22 women on the campus of Howard University. Friday marked the kickoff of the organization's 51st national convention.

This is wondeful, this is perfect, nothing could have stopped us," says Malessa Smith of Chesapeake, Va.

Sixty thousand members were expected at the Lincoln Memorial.

"Oh, big, big, big for us, a remembrance of what all happened in this place, in this atmosphere, and in this surrounding of where we have come from and look at us now," says Cynthia Butler-McIntyre, national president.

"This is a like a family reunion to us. We are so excited. We are seeing people that we haven't seen in years," says Kara Brooks of Indianapolis.

"I will never forget this in my lifetime. We will never have another 100 year anniversary," Felicia Fort says.

Mothers and daughters shared the moment, too.

"I feel so blessed to have a daughter who is a soror and a friend and my daughter," says Jan Hamlin of Houston.

"The experience is overwhelming and then having my mom here to experience is just outstanding," says Deidre Edwards of Atlanta.

"I am 6 months pregnant and you say that is going to be another Delta, that is definitely going to be another Delta girl." says Kedral Thornton of Atlanta.

Neither gray skies nor rain could dampen the spirit.

"This is what I want to remember. it is etched in my head and my heart," says Andrea Watts of Clinton, Md.

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