Delaware proposes $8 million casino bailout plan

At a time when Maryland's casinos are pulling in record revenues with plans in the works to add a sixth gambling facility, Delaware is busy planning to bail{ } out the three operating there.

The Washington Post's reports on Wonkblog that Delaware's government is proposing to divvy up $8 million in bailout money to its three casinos.

The Post reports that Delaware is still waiting to see if online gambling, which it legalized in 2012, will pan out as a profitable venture.

Delaware's three casinos are located in Dover, Wilmington and Harrington. In late may, officials at Dover Downs said it would have to lay off hundreds of employees because of high taxes.

Delaware Online reports that the Dover casino lost more than $280,000 during the first quarter of 2013.

Maryland's five casinos brought in $59 million in revenue this past April alone.