Deer rescued from Tidal Basin

A deer had to be rescued from the Tidal Basin Friday.

The basin is surrounded by cement and has few banks so when a deer jumps in, the animal is in trouble, unable to get out by itself.

D.C. fire and animal rescue had their hands full Friday.

"They were able to lasso the deer with the tools they carry and they brought the deer over to the seawall,” said Sgt. David Schlosser of the U.S. Park Police.

For the rescuers it's often a dangerous job because deer don't cooperate with rescue effort.

"They had to chase him in the water, tranquilize him and when he was anesthetized, the officer then had to hold his head above water because the antler may puncture the boat,” describes Schlosser.

They were able to save the deer, put the buck on a stretcher and took him to their waiting vehicle. D.C. animal control officials say the city is full of deer, from Rock Creek Park where they thrive to occasional sightings in downtown D.C.

If a deer jumps into the Potomac River, however, it would likely be able to get out again on its own since the river has banks.

The animals are freed once the anesthesia wears off. Officials took the deer to Fort Dupont Park in Southeast and released him.

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