Deer leaps on top of woman at D.C. bus stop, knocks her out

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WJLA) - Kicked by a deer. That is the description of the bizarre incident that occurred this morning to a woman after a leaping deer crashed into her, knocking her to the ground in Southeast.

The incident occurred near a Metro bus stop at Alabama Avenue SE and Naylor Road SE just after 9 a.m. Witnesses told ABC7 the deer was traveling up Naylor Road, doing fine, until the deer encountered a number of people at a Metro bus stop.

They said the deer became alarmed at the small crowd of people and tried to "leap" over them.

One witness, Larry Knight, said the deer leaped high in the air, and as it was coming down, struck a woman coming off the bus.

"A lady was coming off the bus - his back legs kicked her, and knocked her down," Knight described.

The victim, Dena Lyles, says she never had time to react.

"Just like a big white light hit me, I fell to the floor, and I didn't get back up....i'm still in a little pain, but I'm gonna be okay."

Dena's sister Sharnna Lyles couldn't believe what happened to her sister.

"She said deer, I was like a deer? She's like yeah a deer. I was like you lying right?"

Shortly after the incident, the deer disappeared down an alley.