Deer crashes into Washington Highlands Interim Library

This is a stock image of a deer. (Photo courtesy lisaw123 via Flickr)

The Washington Highlands Interim Library in Southwest D.C. is closed after a deer crashed through a window Tuesday.

The deer crashed into the library, located in the 4000 block of South Capitol Street SW, a little after noon.

Witnesses said the deer bolted through the window, got up and then went on a fear-driven rampage. Two women working in the library at the time say it appeared to be heading toward them.

As the animal raced through the library, the woman ran for their lives.

“It just got up and started charging,” says one.

They hunkered down inside a back office, all the while listening to what sounded like a demolition crew.

While the two library employees prayed for a swift response from police and animal control, folks in the neighborhood gathered to watch from outside.

Wayne Strohman had his cell phone rolling when he went into the library after the deer.

“He was running, knocking over like the computers and everything he knocked all that over,” Strohman says.

Eventually animal control did arrive. Witnesses say they sedated the deer and removed it. It was later euthanized.

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