Deer crashes into Antietam Elementary School classroom

(Photo courtesy Angela Morlu,

Staff at Antietam Elementary School in Lake Ridge got an up-close-and-personal lesson in wildlife Monday morning after a large deer crashed into a classroom, jumped over a desk and wandered through a classroom, reports

Two substitute teachers, but no students, were inside the classroom at about 8:30 a.m. when the deer broke into the classroom through a window. The buck left bloody marks throughout the classroom.

The school was placed in lockdown while one of the substitute teachers, Pat Najjum, tried to direct the deer outside.

"I wasn't going to let him get any farther," Najjum told Patch.

The deer eventually left the classroom the same way it entered.

Principal Linda Moniuszko says they locked down the classrooms, just to be safe and sent this letter home to parents letting them know what happened.

Urban wildlife experts say while this is not common, it happens. A few years ago, a deer came through a barbershop window in SE D.C.

Experts say mostly birds, but sometimes mammals, see trees reflected in windows and think it's a thru-way.

Moniuszko says because the school's in a wooded area, they've had some unusual experiences. But today's incident tops them all.

"Two weeks ago, we had a mother bear on campus with a baby cub,” she says. “I would have ranked that at the top of the list. But the bear didn't enter the building. So this one takes precedence."

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