Debby Franco, Joshua Franco found not guilty

A tearful Debby Franco left the courthouse, her son Joshua at her side, overcome with emotion after the two were acquitted of providing alcohol at an underage party at their home.

Police say the alcohol led to a tragic vehicle accident that killed Franco's daughter Breanna and three others.

The accident occurred on January 27th. The car driven by 18-year-old Brittany Walker, with Breanna Franco and 18-year-old Zachary Rose inside. According to police, the vehicle travelled the wrong way on I-97 and Route 50 in Anne Arundel County until it plowed into the car driven by 55-year-old Terry Davis.

Occupants of both cars died.

In court, the prosecution called a string of witnesses, most of them teenagers who attended what prosecutor Bernice North called a drinking party at the Franco home.

The party was for 18-year-old Breanna, who had just returned home from Germany.

Witnesses say there was beer at the party and Breanna charged everyone $5 to drink.

Witnesses said Debby Franco and her adult son Joshua were at the home at the time. But no witness ever testified that either provided the alcohol or even saw the teenagers drinking.