Debby Franco, Joshua Franco, cited for alcohol in fatal crash

Family members of a teen who was involved in a fatal vehicle crash after a party were cited for providing alcohol at the party, Maryland State Police said Tuesday.

Maryland State Police issued civil citations for Debby Franco, 44, and Joshua Franco, 23, for allegedly giving alcohol to a group of minors before the fatal crash that left three teens and another man dead.

The two cited were the mother and brother of Breanna Franco, 18, who was killed in the Jan. 28 crash on Route 50 in Davidsonville. Also killed in the crash were Brittany Walker, 19, and Zachary Rose, 18.

The driver of the vehicle the teens collided head-on with, Terry Wayne Davis, 55, was also killed.

News reports state that the drivers in both vehicles were intoxicated.

A lawyer for the Francos said that his clients are innocent. The attorney, David Fischer, told ABC7 that authorities haven’t established a physical link between the alcohol at the party and the fatal crash.