Deandre Williams sentenced for robberies, assaults

A group that started as a hip hop and dance group called Show Out had some members who graduated to felonies.

At D.C. superior Court Friday, two members were sentenced for multiple beatings and robberies.

Court documents say Show Out members roamed northwest D.C., robbing and assaulting people at will. A security camera last June 5 captured images of them at a Chinatown bus stop at 3:20 a.m., where some members took a man's iPhone and beat him unconscious.

Deandre Williams, facing sentencing Friday, told the judge, “after viewing the video of my actions, I felt like an animal.”

He was sentenced to 11 and a 1/3 years.

Williams lawyer talked about the youths' troubled childhood.

The judge said it wasn't about robbery, it was about violence, noting while Williams was a fugitive in the D.C. case, he was arrested in Maryland for beating a homeless person.