DDOT van collides with Home Depot van in NW

The two vehicles in the crash. (Photo: Brian Hopkins)

A District Department of Transportation van collided with a Home Depot rental van in NW Thursday.

Authorities said at least nine people were being evaluated for injuries or transported to a local hospital for care. One person suffered serious injuries.

Two of the workers were trapped and had to be pulled out by rescue workers. Worried relatives rushed to the scene.

“I just want my nephew to be okay,” said Michelle Diggs, a relative of one of the victims. “His leg is messed up really bad.”

There were eight people on the D.C. Department All of them are parking enforcement officers who were on their way to work.

They approached the Rhode Island Avenue Bridge over North Capitol Street. A Washington Gas crew was working on a leak and one lane was blocked. Witnesses said the driver of a rented pick-up truck cut the van off.