DDOT to break 'love locks' on the Key Bridge

WASHINGTON (WJLA) – The District might have been rated the "coolest" city in America, but how about the most romantic?

There are spots, like the Key Bridge, where you can find couples taking a stroll during the day.

"I think so, right over the water, you have the monuments in the background. I think it is [romantic]," said Lauren Dymtrow, who works nearby.

There are some who are even literally locking down their love and tossing away the key.

"I’m an old man, but it's still kind of romantic," said Jerry Troller, a visitor to D.C.

Dozens of locks have popped up across the span of the Key Bridge.

"It's awesome to have some sense of a personality, and be a place where people can come and look at the water and look at the monuments and share love. Why not?" said Kristy Perry, a nearby worker.

Some believe the history of love locks dates back centuries, but in the early 2000s they started to pop up across Europe, and much more recently in D.C. Some of the locks need keys, while others require combinations. Some are even inscribed. One lock on the Key Bridge dates back to 2006.

“What happens when you don't like that person anymore—do you come with a hacksaw and take it off? I don't know," said Marilyn Lonner.

Well, the D.C. Department of Transportation plans to break up these lovers.

"We are all about love—a nice bridge is love, a working bridge is love—but we are going to have to take them down; it is an aesthetic problem as well," said Reggie Sanders, spokesperson for DDOT.

Starting Thursday night, DDOT will take out its lock cutters.

"I wouldn't do it until it definitely becomes something that the city thinks that is going to hurt somebody, but right now it's not hurting anybody at all," said Perry.

Part of a bridge in Paris collapsed this year under the weight of too many love locks. DDOT is not taking any chances.

"We are very happy for them and we hope their marriages and relationships last a long time, just not on our bridge forever," said Sanders.

Some kinds of love are just destined to be broken.