DDOT plans to improve dangerous NE intersection

(WJLA) - This Northeast death trap is dangerous for motorists, and like so many people around the area, Odell Montgomery had to come up with a strategy just to cross the street.

The D.C. intersection, where Maryland Avenue meets D and 7th Streets, combines six lanes of vehicle traffic with eight pedestrian crosswalks – and its danger is legendary.

"There's no lights right there, there's no stop signs...Who's gonna stop?" asks Montgomery. "Will they stop there in the intersection, what are they gonna do? They have to use judgment...Some people don't use good judgment."

Bad judgment on Monday night landed the manager of the nearby library in the hospital, when she was struck by a taxi while crossing the street.

DDOT has spent three years working on a solution for the problem, which is part of what they call the “L’Enfant’s Curse.”

The department has devised a plan to redirect traffic, install speed bumps, and create new signage by this fall. But after Monday’s accident, they are hoping to have it done in six to eight weeks to give pedestrians a chance to be able to cross a much narrower section of roadway.

However, many residents are critical of why it has taken so long -- while DDOT says it’s a complex intersection that required a comprehensive plan.