DDOT considers removing parking spaces on Connecticut Ave. in Cleveland Park

Parking in most parts of D.C. is difficult if not impossible, so the proposal to get rid of street parking along part of Connecticut Avenue in Cleveland Park and to make wider sidewalks has some people upset.

The signs are visible in stores up and down the 3600 block of Connecticut Avenue, calling out to passing pedestrians to save the service lane, which provides approximately 30 parking spaces.

These are spaces that customers use when they shop at stores like Wake Up Little Suzie.

“Without parking people aren't going to come,” says Susan Linh, the store owner. “Once they can't park, they're frustrated. They're not going to come back to our neighborhood.”

The proposal would change the way the street has been for 50 years.

Now pedestrians jockey for the limited space in which to walk.

Some residents would like to see the sidewalks restored for easier pedestrian access.

“The sidewalk is often so crowded we can't walk two abreast and I often have to walk in the service lane,” one person tells ABC7.

“In the summertime when there's a lot of zoo traffic, the sidewalk is really crowded. People have to step into the service lane in the face of cars,” Bill Adler says.

The District Department of Transportation is considering four proposals, which include maintaining the current layout, a shared space design where part of the sidewalk could be used for parking, a partial sidewalk extension, and a complete restoration of the sidewalk.

Some fear the impact a change could have on these independent shops.

“All those merchants rely on people being able to come and park here,” says Riki Alexander.