DCPS creates 9th grade academies at nine schools

D.C. Public Schools announced Monday that the will create a new ninth-grade “academy” for first-time incoming 9th graders at nine schools that’s intended to help the students graduate.

The academies will be at nine schools with a history of students who don’t pass 9th grade. Those schools are Anacostia, Ballou, Cardozo, Coolidge, Dunbar, Eastern, Roosevelt, Wilson and Woodson high schools.

“We know that ninth grade is a critical transition year and data show us that without the right supports, our students are at a high risk of truancy. It’s clear that we need to do something differently,” says Kaya Henderson, the chancellor of D.C. public schools in a statement.

At the nine chosen schools, the 9th graders in the academies will be separated from students who are repeating the 9th grade.

Students enrolled at the academies who need extra help will be required at attend extended school programs and a Saturday session of the academy.