DCPS: Cheating on standardized tests to be stopped

There were heated exchanges Thursday on the hot button issue of cheating on standardized testing in D.C. public schools.

Six separate investigations cleared DCPS of widespread cheating in D.C. schools during the previous chancellor's reign. Fast forward to 2012: Individual cases of cheating found in 10 classrooms at seven public schools.

Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson explained the teachers will be removed from the upcoming round of testing week after next. Investigations are under way and they'll be fired if they cheated.

"We are the ones who asked for an investigation,” Henderson says.

The week after next, no D.C. teacher will deliver the standardized tests to his or her own class and the testing materials will be sealed and remain with teachers for shorter bouts of time. As for the 2015 school year, Henderson explained the test will change from paper to computer so security planning now is difficult.

Councilman David Catania is proposing to make cheating a crime. It would be a first for the district.