DC9 will be sued over death case

The family of the man who died after an incident outside the DC9 nightclub says they will file a multi-million dollar wrongful death suit against the club.

Ali Mohammed died on Oct. 15, 2010, outside the D.C. night club and the family will announce the lawsuit on Friday, a day before the anniversary of his death.

The owner of DC9 and four employees were initially accused of chasing and beating Mohammad after he threw a rock through the club’s window.

The U.S. Attorney’s office stated, however, that early witness accounts that Mohammed, 27, was beaten to death in October 2010 weren’t supported by evidence.

“The investigation revealed that those initial reports were inaccurate and unsupported by medical and physical evidence, or by other eyewitness accounts,” the U.S. Attorney’s office stated.

The case caused an uproar in D.C. in part because of how authorities initially handled the case. MPD Chief Cathy Lanier said in the immediate aftermath of the death that Mohammad was the victim of a savage beating.

One of the club’s owner, Bill Spieler, and four employees were initially charged with second-degree murder. The U.S. Attorney’s office later dropped the charges.

The medical examiner's office said that Mohammed died due to "excited delirium associated with arrhythmogenic cardiac anomalies, alcohol intoxication and physical exertion with restraint." His death was ruled a homicide, meaning that others were involved.