DC Vote protests federal funding bill

(Photo: Brian Hopkins)

Police have arrested a handful of protesters on Capitol Hill who are demonstrating for the recent federal spending bill on Capitol Hill.

Those arrested include a hunger striker.

Dozen protesters chanted "Our District, Our Money, Our Choice" while marching. About 75 total took part in the demonstration.

"It's cool, it's part of Washington, so it's interesting," says Chris Gray, a tourist from Texas.

But for D.C. residents, it was a reminder that they have no control over their own local budget

"It’s like being held hostage all the time,” says District resident Linda Gardner. “D.C. residents can’t have what we want in the budget, it's like we're a football being tossed back and forth."

Protesters wanted to bring attention to a rider on the federal funding bill that would restrict the District from spending local tax dollars to fund abortions for low income women.

The protest is organized by advocacy group DC Vote.

A similar rider was added to a federal spending bill earlier this year. That led to protests on Capitol hill, most famously one in which D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray and several city council members were arrested.

This new rider would temporarily extend the ban which is now in place.

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