D.C. to declare snow emergency and parking restrictions

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Amanda Clarke lives on Independence Avenue, which is a snow emergency route, and says a neighbor alerted her that as of 6:30 p.m., she needs to park elsewhere.

"The tickets will probably in the neighborhood of $150, you know," she says.

"A snow emergency ticket is a $250 ticket," explains Director of D.C. Public Works, William Howland. "Plus, the cost of tow and storage, so in all it's going to be about a $400 ticket if you get towed for a snow emergency."

According to Howland, D.C. currently has over 300 pieces of equipment ready to tackle the snow starting Wednesday night, and workers preparing their plow trucks this afternoon seem excited:

"I always get excited in big snow -- it gives me a chance to show what we know," says city worker Darryl Davis.

As trucks loaded up on Wednesday, D.C. Mayor Gray admitted that this winter is costly:

"I think we're actually going to exceed the budget."

27,000 tons of salt have already been used up this winter, and 28,000 are still on hand. The District is expected to use 14,000 tons this time.

Meanwhile, snow shoppers are busy, and one D.C. Home Depot told us that all they had left was some shovels. But at Frager’s Hardware in Southeast, which is still recovering from a fire, they were fully stocked.

The word to residents is stay in if you don’t have to be out, and area resident Jake Johnson says that’s exactly what he plans to do:

"i don't have a snowmobile and I'm certainly not an eskimo, so with eight or nine inches of snow, ain't nothign i can do but watch it come and watch it go."

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