D.C. Streetcars now open to the public


For the first time in more than fifty years, a trolley system came rolling through the streets of the nation's capital on Saturday.

"It's going to increase the volume for businesses and local people," said Streetcar rider, Reverend Dr. Helen Stafford Fleming. "It's going to bring much more traffic."

Mayor Muriel Bowser jumped aboard Saturday morning saying the Streetcar will bring an economic boom to the area.

"People have been skeptical that it would ever start, so now that we are here, I think that they're going to be excited to ride," Mayor Bowser said.

The Mayor said it gives students, neighbors, and visitors another option for transportation in the area.

"The Streetcar stops at less stops, so I think that the Streetcar will get me places a lot faster than the bus," said Dave Galper, who plans to use the service.

Some riders said it's been a long time coming.

"It's been saying that they're opening for so long, it's good they're finally opening it," Elyse Horvath said.

The project took more than a decade to finish, due to some delays. District Department of Transportation officials said they've heard some of the doubts and concerns.

"We came together under some very challenging circumstances and to have all these people turn out on a Saturday with their families, and they're lining up to get on Streetcar is very thrilling for us," said Leif Dormsjo, Director of DDOT.

According to a news release, there are plans to expand the H St./Benning Rd.line east and west.

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