DC says same-sex dorms aren't discriminatory

(Photo by Tom Yeatman/WJLA)

WASHINGTON (AP) - A District of Columbia government agency says Catholic University does not discriminate against its students by forcing them to live in single-sex dorms.

Catholic University went back to single-sex dorms for incoming freshmen this school year. University president John Garvey wrote in the Wall Street Journal in June that the change would reduce binge drinking and "hooking up."

A George Washington University law professor, John Banzhaf, filed a complaint with the district's Office of Human Rights arguing that the practice constitutes sex discrimination. On Tuesday, the office dismissed his complaint, writing that single-sex dorms are not discriminatory because they don't treat men and women differently. The order says that under Banzhaf's reasoning, the university would be forced to abandon single-sex sports teams, locker rooms and bathrooms.