DC residents watch as District Wharf comes to life

DC residents watch as District Wharf comes to life (ABC7)

“The new Southwest!” Deborah Dixon, a D.C. resident, shouted as she took a picture in front of the big District Wharf sign in Southwest DC.

For some who have called the area home, The Wharf brings major changes.

“I got off the Metro and I was completely lost. I didn’t know where I was because it’s so built up!” Dixon said.

Dixon has lived in D.C. for nearly 47 years. She says she can’t believe how much it has changed.

“It’s just that there’s a lot of things to do, a lot of places to go and I’m excited about it,” she said.

“Seeing all of this excitement and the rebirth of the neighborhood is pretty amazing,” said Khady Kamara, who works in the area.

For some residents, that rebirth comes with a little hesitation.

“It’s a little scary having all these people sort of come into an area that sort of just been ours,” said Gretta Blatner, who lives on a houseboat nearby. “It’s also exciting to have new restaurants and new shops.”

The new construction brings learning outside the school walls for one Urban Development class.

“It’s the best way you can actually put urban development right to the forefront, just to come out here and experience it all for yourself,” said Donovan Barnes, who is a part of the class with the Washington Literacy Center.

“I’m here today to be a part of it,” said Tracey Hooks, who lives nearby. “This is history for me.”

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