D.C. residents receive parking tickets in spots that 'seem' okay to park in

The sign above Keith Thornburg's car (ABC7).

After a 7 ON YOUR SIDE investigation, DDOT says it will forgive tickets it admits were written in error Sunday.

A D.C. man questioned why he and others received parking tickets Sunday afternoon when posted signs say parking is only restricted on weekdays.

Keith Thornburg parked in the 1100 block of Pennsylvania Ave. NW on the north side of the street near where he works.

The signs on that part of the street says: "NO PARKING 7:00AM-6:30PM MONDAY-FRIDAY."

"You think, 'Great, I'm golden, it's Sunday,'" Thornburg told 7 ON YOUR SIDE. "When you see a no parking sign and it's got specific time regulations, you assume you can park there outside of those regulations."

"Unfortunately the ticket officer didn't think that was the case," he added.

Thornburg says around 10 cars were ticketed, including his. The tickets were issued by an employee that DDOT says wrote them in error.

One block east there are signs that clearly indicate no parking without any time restrictions. Thornburg says that's what the signs in the 1100 block should also say if drivers aren't allowed to park there.

DDOT says in the future it plans to replace the current signs in the 1100 block with signs that forbid parking at all times. But a spokesperson says under the current signs drivers are justified in parking there, and DDOT won't ticket any other cars outside the restricted times until the signs are changed.

Thornburg says he was also baffled by the violation listed on his ticket: "P043 - Park to Reduce Roadway to Less Than 10 Feet."

Thornburg says the ticketed cars didn't even come close to reducing the width of Pennsylvania Ave. -- one of the city's most major roads -- to less than 10 feet.

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