Gun store burglaries in DC region move down to Spotsylvania County

Gun store burglary (Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office)

The troubling trend of gun store thefts in the DC region has now extended south to Spotsylvania County following two incidents early Tuesday morning.

Thieves wearing masks entered Ash Tactical off Route 1 just before 5:30 Tuesday morning. They broke the front glass door, but once inside the two men could not find any guns. That’s because every night owner Robert Hall locks up all his guns and inventory in a safe, “They weren’t too happy they got nothing.” With the alarm blaring the suspects decided to take off, taking with them a cash box filled with just a hundred dollars.

Then about 20 minutes later two masked men jumped out of a U-Haul truck and broke the glass of the front door as SSG Tactical, a gun store in Fredericksburg. But a locked steel cage door kept them from getting inside, so they jumped back in the truck and took off with a third man behind the wheel.

Doug Stockman has owned SSG for 6 years. This is his first attempted break-in, “It’s upsetting that you work so hard and somebody is trying to take what you’ve earned. And obviously we don’t want to see these things on the streets in the wrong hands.”

Authorities in Virginia and Maryland are now investigating whether these cases are connected, along with a burglary last week at a gun store in Rockville in which thieves got away with 31 guns, and an incident last weekend when thieves stole 35 firearms from a gun store in Chantilly.

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