DC Police officers save elderly couple from house fire

DC Police officers save elderly couple from house fire (ABC7)

Smoke filled a Northeast Washington home, while two MPD officers ran inside.

“It gets to your eyes. It gets to your lungs,” said Officer Eldred Boria.

The fire started at the home on the 1700 block of Buchanan Street early Thursday Morning. While DC Fire and EMS rushed to put it out, Officer Eldred Boria and Officer Alex Cepeda ran toward the flames.

“It was really scary,” said Officer Boria. “You hear stuff burning. You hear stuff popping. You see the smoke-- all you see is darkness.”

“We are no heroes. We do this every day. It’s our job,” said Officer Cepeda.

The officers pulled the homeowners outside into the fresh air. The couple and the two MPD officers were all transported to the hospital—the officers because they breathed in so much smoke.

The male homeowner was seriously injured. The woman had non-life threatening injures.

Both officer were released from the hospital.

“It is a great feeling to help somebody and knowing at the end of the day you saved a life,” said Officer Cepeda.

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