DC police boat crashes into 2 others in Georgetown (Video)

Photo: YouTube/Ajay Jaafar

{ }WASHINGTON (WJLA) -- On Monday, D.C. police boats were on patrol as usual on the city’s water channels, while at Georgetown, the kayakers and paddle boarders shared a calm river.

It was a different scene on Saturday, however, when around 7 p.m. a police boat smacked two other vessels as it was leaving a dock at Georgetown. Many actually saw it happen – including the waiters at a nearby restaurant.

"He was pulling off from where we're standing here and he should have pulled off directly to his right, but he just did not make the turn and ran straight into two boats ...Then one of them went down about an hour later -- sunk just like the Titanic," described one witness.

Both boats were empty, so there were no injuries. But:

"People were saying the cops were showing off and he lost control," said Medi Monan.

Another man who saw it happen believed the officer just perhaps misjudged the elements.

"The wind and the wave sometimes like [from] a next boat -- that little wind and the wave can do something," said Tony Palmer.

Witnesses say that speeding boats have been a problem lately, and police have been cracking down on them.

"About like three weeks ago, one of the kayakers got run over by one of the bigger boats," said Matthew Hardiman.

The incident is currently under investigation by both D.C. Police and the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Video: YouTube/Ajay Jaafar