DC man shows gratitude to first responders who 'brought me back from the dead'

DC man shows gratitude to first responders who 'brought me back from the dead.' (ABC7)

On Martin Luther King Day, one DC man showed his gratitude for first responders after suffering a severe asthma attack that nearly killed him.

Engine 25 in Southeast DC responds to dozens of calls each day, but the first responders don't always learn the outcome.

"They brought me back from the dead, I was dead for five minutes," said Robert Law, who went into cardiac arrest the morning of November 9.

On Monday, Law paid a surprise visit to the station, which just so happens to be on Martin Luther King Junior Avenue. He thanked the men and women who saved his life.

"By y'all keeping me on this Earth that's all I wanted. Thank y'all so much," said Law, as he choked back tears.

The 29-year-old has been battling asthma since he was two-years-old. Back in November, he woke up suffering a severe attack and asked his sister for his breathing machine, but it didn't work.

"He was like sis this is it and passed out, like passed out," said Teresa Law, who said her brother’s lips were turning blue.

The call came in to Engine 25 around 7 a.m. Medic 33 responded to Law’s apartment, which is only minutes away.

When crews arrived they found Law slumped over a table, he had no pulse and they started working very quickly to bring him back to life. Next thing Law remembered was being in an ambulance and spending three days in the hospital.

"I don't have anything, but I can show you my love and my appreciation because you saved my life,” Law said to the DCFEMS members. “You put your life on hold to save another life."

Law handed out CPR coins to the six members who saved him, and he also gave them a certificate of appreciation for their rapid response.

"It's good to see what the outcome is, and this was a positive outcome, which is very rewarding," said Lt. Michael Fitzgerald. “It’s good for these guys to see that their efforts are positive and they make a real difference on these people’s lives on a day-to-day basis.”

Law said he feels like a new person, and is making the most of his second-chance at life.

"People take life for granted nowadays, but all we got to do is cherish life and cherish the ones that love you and love their life," Law said.

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