D.C. government employees have sex in office, send racy emails

Two local government employees have been fired and a third has been disciplined after a sex scandal at work.

Two officials were caught using government office space and computers to carry on an affair for months, sending racy emails back and forth from their government email addresses. The husband of the woman involved eventually found out and broke into her office looking for evidence of the affair.

The woman was an assistant program manager at the D.C. Department of Transportation. Her apparent lover was a manager at the Office of Unified Communications, where 911 calls are handled.

The two managers had sex in the woman's 7th floor office at the Reeves Center as well as in a government garage, according to a report from the Inspector General.

The husband who broke into his wife's office also works for the D.C. government: He is the chief information officer for the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

The investigation found the two used their District government email accounts and smartphones to exchange sexually explicit emails. The Washington City Paper was forwarded what it says are those emails and posted them on its website.

Among the exchanges:

From the UOC employee, sent in Oct. 2010: "Baby I wanna make love to u again doing it in ur office was crazy."
From the DDOT employee a few days later: "I would like to see you again, even if it were just at a quickie in my office."

The woman’s husband broke into his wife's office and printed out many of the emails. He found at least one nude photo, the investigator’s report says.

A spokesperson for Mayor Vincent Gray tells ABC7 News the two employees are no longer working for the D.C. government but would not give details about why.

The woman’s husband remains at his job but has been disciplined.