DC Fire/EMS rescues 2 workers stranded 40 ft. above downtown street

DC Fire/EMS work to rescue 2 workers stranded in bucket lift 40 ft above downtown street. (DC Fire/EMS)

DC Fire and EMS conducted a high angle rescue operation after two workers became stuck in a bucket lift 40 feet above ground in downtown D.C. Friday afternoon.

After three hours, the rescue has been successfully concluded with both workers lowered to the ground. They were evaluated by EMS and released on the scene.

The rescue squad members reviewed different options for rescuing the workers who were high above the 2100 block of I St. NW.

The workers were in no immediate danger, fire officials say.

A second lift has been brought to the scene, escorted by D.C. police. The rescue squad plans to use the lift to reach the workers and transfer them to it. A rope rescue was considered the last resort if they couldn't make a safe transfer to the second lift, officials say.

A third, higher lift was moved into position to allow the lowering of the stranded workers, one at a time.

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