D.C. drivers license to get a name change starting in June

D.C. drivers license to get a name change starting in June (ABC7)

Eric Billups has held a D.C. driver’s license for 30 years and knows all about the name change.

“I remember at one point people thought it was Washington state,” said Billups. “It still may cause some type of confusion again, but I guess the D.C. part will be the distinctive factor,” he said.

Right now, a license issued from the Department of Motor Vehicles says “District of Columbia” at the top.

But the DMV director is moving it back to Washington, D.C. beginning in June.

“It’s just a way to ensure that our citizens and the residents of the District of Columbia are treated fairly,” said Lucinda Babers, the DMV director.

Babers says she has seen the complaints from people as they travel.

“We just feel that they have a better chance of knowing Washington, D.C. versus District of Columbia,” said Babers.

Craig Harvelll holds a commercial license and drives across the country delivering cars.

“By saying Washington, D.C., it’s more direct than the District of Columbia,” said Harvell.

“Some people are just illiterate to the fact. It’s confusing, it’s crazy. But hey, everybody doesn’t know everything so you got to help those who don’t know,” he said.

The D.C. license is used to change. It was switched to District of Columbia in 2013 when Vincent Gray was mayor.

The bumper will also have Washington, D.C. bragging rights come June.

But drivers can still use a District of Columbia license while it’s valid. A license in D.C. is good for eight years.

Babers says the change does not cost, but a media campaign to inform agencies across the country is estimated at $150,000.

As of March 31, 2017, there were 469,462 active driver’s licenses and 154,542 identification cards.

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