D.C. courthouse closed for the day after small fire

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Fire marshals turned away crowds on Tuesday as they gathered at the entrance to the Moultrie Courthouse on Indiana Avenue, and quite a few were upset.

"I got my baby out here, it's crazy, it's cold -- I came all the way from Waldorf," said Breionia Showell.

"They should have put it on the internet and alerted people as opposed to them coming down here and finding that out." added Glenda Costner.

According to the court spokeswoman, a fire in an office microwave on one of the lower levels set off the sprinkler system, which flooded much of that level.

Court employees had to go elsewhere to get their jobs done for the day, and a whole lot of jurors today wanted to let their bosses know that they did in fact report to jury duty.

Proceedings set to be held in the building are postponed until Wednesday.

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