D.C. Attorney General sues company for bogus legal services, settles for $250K

(MGN Online)

Salvador Perez said he tried to provide for his daughters while he was jobless for 10 months.

“I wasn’t working and so sometimes we didn’t have enough to eat, so I would let them eat and sometimes that meant I didn’t get to eat,” said Perez.

The construction worker accused Unlimited Technology and Solution Corporation of dropping the ball while it was providing immigration services.

“During those 10 months, I couldn’t pay for my house, my car-- I wasn’t able to work because I didn’t have my work permit,” said Perez.

The Attorney General for the District of Columbia said UTS claimed to have lawyers providing immigration services when the company did not have lawyers providing the immigration services. The Attorney General’s office sued UTS and its owner, and Tuesday the AG’s office announced a $250,000 settlement.

$100,000 of that money will go to victims listed in the court documents.

“It’s really frustrating, and it’s why we took particular interest in this case,” said Anne Shaufele, who is an attorney with Ayuda. Ayudah has been providing legal services to immigrants for decades. It also helped the Attorney General’s office with the case.

“We are grateful for the DC Attorney General’s office for taking this case-- for showing that they are interested in protecting the community regardless of status,” said Schaufele.

UTS can still provide other services, but the settlement bans it from marketing employees as attorneys.

“I just feel satisfied by what happened, so that others don’t fall prey,” said Perez.

ABC7 tried to call UTS several times, but it appears two workers hung up after they answered. If someone from the company calls back, we will also tell their side of the story.

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