D.C. area businesses impacted by 1st day of Metro SafeTrack

Staff worker at D.C. bakery helps customer, Monday, June 6, 2016. (ABC7 photo)

Some small businesses dependent on foot traffic believe they already see the impact of Metro's massive overhaul of the system "SafeTrack."

The manager of one bakery near a downtown metro station said business was slow Monday. She fears it will get even slower in the days and weeks ahead.

Metro will be single tracking and shutting down some stretches for extended periods over the next year as it repairs parts of the system in desperate need of attention. During the process, Metro is asking riders to look at alternate modes of transportation such as carpooling, buses or biking.

The disruption to the usual commute patterns has some businesses worried about SafeTrack taking a bite out of their bottom line.

The Board of Trade of Greater Washington met with business leaders and owners Monday and provided them with strategies to stay afloat during SafeTrack.

The organization told them to make a plan, monitor track work, stay informed about when it will most affect their businesses, and adjust work flow if necessary. The board also suggested keeping a cash reserve on hand to help businesses weather the ups and downs of SafeTrack.

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