Daycare toddlers lost at Verizon Center

Lisa Wilkerson and Senita Harrison say they couldn't believe what they saw as they were walking back to work from lunch this afternoon.

A toddler, maybe 2 or 3 years old, was walking alone on F Street in front of the Metro stop next to the Verizon center.

The ladies say there were school buses and groups of children everywhere. The morning's show of Disney on Ice at Verizon Center had just let out. But the toddler, a little girl, was all alone.

“We saw on her badge she had kid bridge daycare and so we went and got a police officer,” Wilkerson says.

They walked with the police officer, and the little girl into the Verizon Center guest services office.

Inside guest services, according to Wilkerson, Harrison and Verizon Center officials, were five other children with Kidsbridge Daycare Center badges. They had all been separated from their group.

“I have a child in daycare and I'm wondering if it is safe to send them out on a field trip,” Harrison says.

ABC7 spoke Thursday afternoon with Evelyn Nunoo, director of kids bridge day care in camp springs Maryland.

She says the center took a group of 28 children to Verizon Thursday to see the Disney show. A staff member took six children to the bathroom and as they came out, the kids got lost in the crowd of people leaving the show.

"This should not have happened we had enough staff on the trip. All the children are back at the center and are safe,” Nunoo says.

But Wilkerson and Harrison can't help but wonder what would have happened if they hadn't walked by and found that one little girl who was out on F Street all alone.