David Woolman's family trying to bring body back

David Woolman

David Woolman was only 23 years old. He was smart, affable and fluent in four languages. He loved life and always tried to make people laugh.

But now David Woolman is dead. His family has no idea what happened and his body is a half a world away in China

And it will cost them $18,000 to bring him home.

As a senior in college, David Woolman was recruited by a Chinese company to come to China and teach English to school children. Seven months ago, his family says, he signed a contract and boarded a plane for a province outside Shanghai.

But earlier this month, David's mother received a call that her son had died. She claims representatives from the school he worked for told her he had committed suicide. Police in China are investigating.

In the meantime, David's body remains in a Chinese funeral home. The costs for storage growing daily. The family's Mormon faith doesn't allow for cremation. They just want to know the truth and bring david home.