David Rich Hang arrested for killing Jessica Nguyen, DNA found

David Rich Hang (Photo: Police)

Montgomery County Police released more details Wednesday about the brutal slaying of a 12-year-old girl killed in May in Montgomery County.

Police announced Tuesday night that they arrested the stepfather of Jessica Nguyen in connection with her May 31 murder.

Police arrested David Rich Hang, 42, on a first-degree murder warrant.

During a press conference Wednesday, police said they have DNA evidence linking Hang to the crime. The DNA was found on a sheaf for a knife found at the scene of the killing.

Police also said his shoe size fits a boot print found at the scene.

Prosecutors revealed during testimony at a bond hearing Wednesday that Nguyen was stabbed 40 times and that Hang was mad at Jessica's mother for delaying their divorce.

Jessica’s mother and older sister appeared visibly shaken as they and several supporters left the courthouse this afternoon.

As the prosecutor spoke in court. hang appearing via closed circuit TV twice interrupted to say he didn't do it. He seemed to grin or smirk, but when answering a few questions from the judge he began to cry and again denied the charge.

Court records shows Hang and Jessica Nguyen's mother spent the past year in divorce proceedings. Prosecutors say that the marriage was an immigration scam and that Hang had already married another woman after changing his name.

At the Montgomery club apartments where Hang lived, his neighbors expressed shock and disgust when told he is charged with fatally stabbing the girl.

In the townhome development where the murder took place, residents spent months wondering about their safety.

Jessica was found slain on May 31 in a basement in the townhouse she lived in, in the 700 block of Raven Avenue, Gaithersburg.

Jessica was a straight-A honor roll student at Gaithersburg Middle School.

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