David Millard arrested for alleged D.C. sex assault

A guest at a Northwest D.C. hotel was arrested and accused of sexually assaulting a woman he found unconscious in the hotel’s lobby.

MPD arrested David Millard, 60, of Honolulu on Friday in connection with the alleged sex assault at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on H Street NW.

According to a police report, the woman disappeared while out for drinks with friends at the popular Grand Slam sports bar inside the hotel.

Authorities found the victim in the hotel's lobby Friday morning, visibly shaken and distraught. She told them she had a couple drinks the night before, "went out to smoke a cigarette and that's all she remembered until waking up."

Court documents state the woman told her friends she was going to make a phone call. Minutes later, a hotel worker saw her being carried out of the lobby to the elevators by a man police identified as Millard. The staff member said they asked if the woman was okay, but she did not answer.

The employee ran to the bar to ask the victim's friends if they knew the man. When they said they did not, they called 911. One minute later, police arrived and found surveillance footage of a man carrying an unconscious woman onto the elevators. They scoured the hotel, knocking on room doors.

Millard allegedly kept the victim inside his hotel room for almost six hours and raped her.

At 6:45 a.m., an officer saw the woman in the lobby with the suspect. She told police she woke up cold and totally undressed in a room next to a man she did not know. When he left the room, she escaped to the hall but said he followed after her. Once in the lobby with police waiting, she said Millard told her{ } to "just tell the police that we were hanging out."

The suspect told police he took the victim to his room and had her consent.