David Lambert sentenced to 805 years

Libby Lambert is now an advocate for victims.

A Prince William County college student says reading a victim impact statement in court Thursday was "liberating."

Libby Lambert, 20, said she needed to let her father, David Lambert, know how she felt before he was sentenced to 805 years in prison on charges that he raped her repeatedly over the course of her childhood.

"He stole my childhood from me and I wanted to make sure it didn't have a chance to do that do another little girl,” she said.

David Lambert stood before the judge and only stated: "I am innocent of these charges.”

The judge imposed the exact sentence a jury recommended after finding Lambert guilty in March.

Now a nursing student at Drexel University, Libby Lambert said helping others, especially victims, will help her heal.

“I think I'll probably always struggle with some of the effects from it but I see myself as an advocate, not as a victim anymore,” she said. “I think that's a major part of this. Now I can be that survivor that I want to be.”