David J. Rainsberger pleads guilty to accepting bribe

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) - A State Department security officer has pleaded guilty to accepting two luxury watches in exchange for helping a Jamaican musician gain a visa to enter the U.S.

Thirty-two-year old David J. Rainsberger pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court in Alexandria to accepting unlawful gratuities and making false statements.

Rainsberger admitted he helped a well-known musician identified in court papers only by the initials D.B. get a visa in 2011 to travel to the U.S. The musician had previously been unable to obtain a visa because of accusations of criminal activity.

The musician and Rainsberger became friends while Rainsberger was stationed at the U.S. embassy in Kingston.

He faces up to 7 years in prison, though under federal sentencing guidelines he would likely receive less than two years.