David Hartley worked unnoticed at public library despite child pornography arrest

A Greenbelt man charged with several child pornography-related offenses was able to work at a Prince George's public library unnoticed despite his arrest.

As first reported by WTOP's Neal Augenstein, David Hartley was indicted on "11 counts related to child pornography" following a Dec. 2011 arrest outside the Greenbelt Branch Library, located on Crescent Road.

According to court records, police found images on children engaging in sexual acts on Hartley's computer.

After his arrest, Hartley remained employed at the library as a part-time front desk clerk for seven months, Augenstein reports. Larry Broxton, a library spokesman, says a manager at the branch never asked or reported that police visited the library looking for Hartley.

Hartley was not asked about the circumstances surrounding his arrest. At the time he was hired, Hartley did not undergo a background check, as it's not a requirement for hourly employees.

Hartley was banned from returning to the library on June 24 after a concern citizen notified the library of the misdemeanor and felony charges.

Last month, Hartley pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of child pornography.

He was subsequently sentenced to one year of home detention and is now a registered sex offender.


Neal Augenstein's report:


David Hartley plea letter and original indictment