David Brown arrested for stealing 500 electronics

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - D.C. Police are calling it a big victory in the fight against burglars and thieves. On Monday, officers arrested a D.C. shop owner with more than 500 stolen electronics after a search warrant was executed at the 12 Volt Electronics store on H Street NW.

David Brown, 49, of Capitol Heights Md. is now in custody on a preliminary charge of possession of stolen goods.

At a Monday afternoon media conference, DC Police displayed the complete loot, sprawled-out on four folding tables -- items like professional cameras, tablets, laptops, credit cards, and electric guitars.

Police say Brown acted as a middle man, purchasing goods from local thieves, only to turn around and sell them at market price. So far detectives have linked the stolen goods to 50 different robberies in the DC area.

"The department's been making a concerted effort to deter robberies and thefts and burglaries by focusing on those that deal with stolen goods, specifically phones and laptops," Criminal Investigations Division commander George Kucik with the Metro Police Dept. said.

Following Brown's arrest, the Dept. of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs closed his store, located in the 300 block of H St. Northwest.

Officials say Brown was operating without a proper business license, and that the interior mimicked that of a hoarder - with numerous fire code and sanitary violations. By Monday afternoon, the front door was chained and a sign informed customers the business was closed.

"We want the message out that we are looking for businesses that are dealing illegally and without proper licenses," Nicholas Majett with the Dept. of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs said.

DC Police say they arrested Brown in December of 2011 for a very similar crime, and detectives are currently processing these items to determine who the rightful owner(s) are.

Individuals may make inquiries regarding stolen property via email to